Da série "Posta Restante"

Muito bom, o artigo de Irwin Steltzer na última Spectator ("David Cameron should learn a lesson from Willy Loman") sobre a necessidade de Cameron apresentar uma real alternativa de políticas, e não apenas de imagem, a Gordon Brown.
Recomendo a leitura integral, mas deixo um excerto.

"In short, Cameron should forget about ousting Brown by sporting open-necked shirts, aind airing videos of himself doing the washing-up. He now has to become a policy-maker. That means recognising that policy-making cannot be outsourced. Multiple committees drafting grande schemes to carry Britain forward cannot substitute for the hard working of reading, analysing data, thinking how bits and pieces fit into the broad philosophy of reviving civil society, encouraging the family, doing the decent thing for the deserving poor and disadvantged."
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