Outras dívidas da Europa

Faz hoje 70 anos que os EUA sofreram o ataque a Pearl Harbor e decidiram entrar na Guerra, e ainda hoje, a paz na Europa só é possível porque continua a ter o aval americano. Se necessário fosse, ficou mais uma vez demonstrado na recente visita do Vice-Presidente americano Joe Biden à Grécia e à Turquia.


"The geopolitical balances between Greece, Cyprus, Israel and Turkey will naturally figure prominently in Biden's talks with Premier Lucas Papademos and President Karolos Papoulias.

The Cyprus-Israel alliance in exploiting the rich gas deposits in the southeastern Mediterranean, in concert with the American Noble Energy company, along with the emerging Greece-Israel partnership, have tipped the regional balances against Turkey for the first time in decades. 

For Cyprus, the gas card should normally have been a significant factor in exacting concessions from Turkey in ongoing Cyprus settlement talks, since the Turkish-Cypriots have much to gain as participants in a unified federal state.

But there are indications that Washington may put the brakes on such a strategy, due to Turkey's geopolitical importance. Moreover, the US is eager to mend ties between Turkey and Israel, which could again shift the regional balances. "


Além deste tema, parece que um outro tema europeu também esteve nas conversas – os Balcãs.


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