Presidenciais, gasolina e geopolítica

Um artigo de Daniel Yergin publicado no dia 16 de Março no WSJ.


As in the 2008 presidential election—remember the chants of “Drill, baby, drill!”—rising oil and gasoline prices have become an issue in 2012. But election-year politics aside, the forces driving up prices at the pump are very different today than they were four years ago. In 2008, it was primarily the surge in oil consumption in emerging markets, disruptions, and a belief that the world was running short of oil (the so-called peak oil crisis).


In 2012, the reason is mainly geopolitics.


A market this tight would already be susceptible to upward price pressures. But the market is operating on expectations that supplies will become even tighter as new U.S. and European sanctions against Iran take effect and the risk of military conflict increases. Put simply, the oil market is reading the front page.


Given these circumstances, there's not much Washington can do in the short term to reduce prices at the pump.


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