Meanwhile in Albion

Confesso que nunca fui grande adepto de Boris Jonhson. No entanto, enquanto o líder do partido se entretêm com propostas extremamente duvidosas pelo menos o actual mayor de Londres parece não ter pedido a noção da tradição conservadora ou esquecido as promessas feitas enquanto estavam na oposição.


"The London mayor said it was “not a bad idea” to give the British people a direct say on Europe. He told a fringe meeting at the Conservative conference that voters deserved a chance to express their views on the issue.


He said: “The British people haven’t had a say on Europe since 1975. There hasn’t been a vote. It seems to me to be that if a reasonable question could be framed and put to the people of this country, I think it is not a bad idea.”


One option for the referendum would be an “in-out referendum”, he said"


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